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SLO Blog: Overwhelming Response In First Week

24 September 2014

The club's SLO Stuart Brothers gives his first OS update.

Gently does it so far in my role as Notts County's Supporter Liaison Officer.
It's been a very quiet start in fact. A few meetings with people here or there, the odd word in passing on Saturday with supporters, but not much of real substance that I can at least attempt to act on. 

In fact much of last week already feels like a bit of a blur. The response to my appointment was quite overwhelming and I'm immensely grateful for the positive feedback I've received.
That said, I don't believe for a second that everyone will be happy with me being put in this position. I won't argue with those people – I merely ask that they give me a chance to put their concerns to the club in the hope that they act upon them. I couldn't possibly promise that changes will be made with every interaction, but I can assure everyone I'll certainly give it my best shot with those at the top of the club.
Tentative discussions have already taken place with the board of directors on a number of matters. Nothing particularly headline grabbing perhaps, but all aimed at engaging our club's fanbase. Some are tried and tested, others a few old favourites. I don’t want to reveal too much right now for fear of them all going pear shaped before I even get them off the ground – but I am working hard on making them happen with a number of people at the club.
I've been in talks with Managing Director of the club's County Conferencing & Events Richard Cokayne regarding possible changes to MLSB also. Through the SLO Twitter account last week we had a good bit of engagement with supporters that have given us an idea of things people would like to see so hopefully we can start acting on those shortly.
That mostly brings us up to date. Don't forget there's an absolute stack of ways to get in touch or just keep up to date with matters. 
Instagram: NottsSLO
Twitter: @NottsSLO

Of course, you're all more than welcome to have a word this weekend at Chesterfield as well. 
I'll end my first OS piece by admitting how much of an eye-opening experience it's been already as SLO. I turned up at Meadow Lane last Friday afternoon for an appointment, and by chance ran into the club's commercial manager Damian Irvine. 

“Damo” is the bald suited madcap Australian chap who's job is never done at Meadow Lane on a matchday, popping up all over the ground making sure staff and supporters alike are happy.
He took me on a quick walk around Meadow Lane and, well it’s at this point where I have to be careful about how much detail I go into – so quite simply I won’t! The club’s Media Team is currently readying a press release with the ins and outs of the deal so I don’t want to step on their toes.
But I can mention the incredible effort put in by the club’s Head of Sports Medicine John Wilson in making it all happen. 

It’s all showed me that whilst on the surface things might appear to some that this is a poorly run club, there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes that we wouldn’t usually get to see. 

Whilst Notts County can't compete with the bank balances of some in our division, we at least offer a working environment where players know they'll be looked after. 

You only need take note of how much Jack Grealish and Callum McGregor didn't want to leave when their initial loan spells ended last season. Fact is that Jimmy Spencer could have signed for clubs offering more money in the Summer – but I'd wager that none of them would show a player their true value more than Notts have with this move.
It's things like this I hope to be able to share in my updates on the OS and in The Mag (starting with Gillingham) as I go forward. 

Onwards to Chesterfield we go. Our travels so far this season have been incredibly entertaining so hopefully the number of ticket sales will rise by Friday afternoon's deadline.
Hopefully I'll pop back up in the next few days with updates on the projects we're working on.

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