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Dennis dishes the dirt!

Kristian talks team-mates

4 September 2019

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room what lies behind?

So, Kristian, you’re taking a road trip. Which three team-mates come with you?

Matt Tootle because he would keep us entertained! Tom Crawford, too, because I drove him round everywhere last season so I’m used to it, along with Enzio Boldewijn because we always drive to training together. He puts the music on in his car but I prefer TalkSPORT in mine. I think that’s a good mix for a road trip.

But who you wouldn't let near the motor?

Pierce Bird can’t come because he just moans about it being his turn to drive all the time and tries to get someone else to do it instead! I’d keep him way out.

Who in the team wouldn’t you let touch the car stereo?

Enzio plays some bad stuff. Well, it might be good but it’s Dutch and I don’t understand it - so it’s not for me.

Which one of the lads is a manager in the making?

Michael Doyle because he’s been playing 20 years and has the experience and the leadership qualities.

But who is the least likely?

Pierce because I don’t think anyone would listen to him. It’s hard to take him seriously at times!

Who is Notts’ dressing room joker?

Toots is always messing around and doing stuff to keep everyone entertained!

But who’s the team grump?

We went out for a social night a couple of weeks ago and all did karaoke, except for Remaye Campbell who refused to sing. I think he was the only one, so I’d have to say him!

Who's the longest in front of the mirror?

I’m usually out quickly so I don’t really see who’s in the mirror longest. Mitch Rose takes ages getting ready, though. Jim O’Brien is always waiting for him after training because they drive in together.

Best mate in the team?

Enzio, probably. I drive into training with him every day so we spend a lot of time together.

Best trainer at the club?

Doyle. He puts his all into every session, doesn’t pull out of any tackles and trains like he plays.

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