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Five facts you may not know about Alex Rodman

25 June 2016

Continuing our 'Five Facts' series on new signings, here's five things you may not know about winger Alex Rodman...

1. He once made someone £30,000 with just ONE goal.

Rodman, 29, nailed one lucky punter £29,531 from just a £1 stake by scoring his last-gasp goal for Newport against League Two strugglers Stevenage. 

The anonymous man from Merseyside staked his pound coin on a Betfred goals galore extra six-match accumulator. That meant his selected teams had to win, but the two sides in every match also needed to score during the 90 minutes.

The Betfred regular said: “I have never heard of Alex Rodman! I picked the teams entirely at random, totally at random, just for a bit of fun. I was watching the results programme and was marking off my games and realised with just 10 minutes to go that I only needed Newport to score…and then they did. Apparently, so they say at the shop, it’s 29,000 to one that I would be a be such a big winner. There is more chance of aliens landing! It is amazing that from just a £1 fun bet I am over £29,000 to the good."

We don't think there's more chance of aliens landing, but still, he'd just won £30k so he can say what he wants really.

2. He has a lot in common with David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand.

Not just on the pitch. His clothing brand 'Pretty Boy' is going down a storm in football changing rooms up and down the country. From t-shirts to hoodies and beanie hats, Rodman has got it covered. 

What started out as a bit of fun alongside the main custom t-shirt design businesses he co-owns with his brother and dad, it has has now really taken off. 

Reality TV stars and MTV presenters have been seen wearing their gear, but don't expect him to be designing Notts' new kit!

3. He was educated at Nottingham Trent University...

It's little wonder Alex Rodman has made his way back to Nottingham, as he discovered how fantastic this City is whilst at university here. 

4. He has made 5 appearances for England.

And that's just in Futsal. He has also represented England at University level and has played for the England 'C' team.

Here's a video we've dug out from his university days that he'd probably rather forget! 


5. He won Grimsby's 'Goal Of The Season' award in 2014

And what a goal it was too!


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