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Italian Magpies Return

10 April 2013

The Italian Magpies will be back at Meadow Lane for their second visit this weekend.

The supporters club based in Turin was formed in January 2012 after talks with the Notts board and  passionate supporter Andy Black. 

Since then, the group has really grown and featured in the popular football magazine Four-Four-Two, as well as other mainstream media channels. 

An excited Giorgio Zunino, who heads up the Italian Magpies, said: “Coming back, every time is like the first one. 

"It’s always a great emotion to meet the Magpies and for that we have to thank Aileen and Ray Trew, all the fans, that are now friends and the staff that make us feel welcome.

“On Saturday, we will have nine Juventus fans that have flown over, with four more who are based in the UK.

“We are very excited to go around the beautiful city of Nottingham again, visit the Robin Hood statue and to the local pubs.

“If any Notts fans are keen to visit Juventus, then please get in touch and we can help organise a trip.

“I think last October the Notts fans who came to Turin had a great experience and a very warm welcome. 

"A lot of people came to meet them, shake hands and take a lot of photos. Black and White brothers are always welcome!”

Everyone at Meadow Lane hope the group have a fantastic weekend and come to visit Nottingham again very soon.

Remember you can follow the Italian Magpies on social networks and on their website. 

For further details please visit:

Welcome to Giorgio Zunino, Luca Cignatta, Cesare Alberici, Daniele Merigo, Manuela Bellocchi, Roberto Colombo, Stefano Panzeri, Tommaso Ambrosio, Luca Colombo, Paolo Abba, Romeo Abba, Felice Addeo and Max Giara.

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