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Notts County Supporters' Trust

Who we are

Following an episode of serious financial mismanagement in the early 2000s, Notts County was put into administration and remained so for a record 534 days. No realistic bids were received and there was a distinct possibility that the club would have to go into liquidation.

The supporters were naturally horrified at this prospect and a group got together to form the Notts County Supporters Trust in 2003, with a view to giving them a direct influence on the situation and saving the club. The Trust immediately set about raising as much money as possible and thousands chipped in whatever they could afford, supplemented by donations from supporters of visiting clubs (and even Forest!).

In the end, a total of about £300,000 was raised and this was enough to buy a 30% share in the club. Local businessmen also came on board and bought the remaining shares and the club was saved: it was agreed that the Trust would elect a Supporter-Director on to the Board.

A few years later, one of the Board members, Haydn Green - by then a strong advocate of supporter involvement in football - was in increasingly poor health and decided to donate his 30% shareholding to the Trust, on condition it was not sold on. The Trust then became the majority shareholder and elected three Directors on to the Board, one of whom was the Chair.

Unfortunately, the individuals elected on to the Club Board increasingly did their own thing and it was they, not the Trust, who were responsible for the involvement of the infamous Munto. None of those responsible are now involved with NCST.

Our aims

We are quite different from the other organisations representing supporters, though we share many of their aims. This is because we don’t represent a particular group, but exist to do two things: to protect the Club in times of crisis and to advocate a direct voice for supporters in the running of our club. While some clubs are run wholly by their supporters (eg. Wimbledon and Exeter) NCST seeks to work alongside owners to achieve the best balance of responsibility for everyone involved.


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